Front Porch Lemonade

About Me

Well, what should I say:

I am Southern through and through, including my Georgia accent. I have been told my laughter is both unique and infectious which I guess is true because when I am out in public, strangers will come up to me and tell me they just love to hear me laugh. I do try to look for the humor in life as often as I can. Nothing can bring a smile to my face faster than a phone call from my family or close friends saying, “Hey, you wanna get together?” That is when memories are made. And honey, if it is a get together with the girls, then you can bet micheivous makin’ will be somewhere in the works.

Unfortunately, my life has not always been happy and carefree. But through the love and support of not only my family but also six of my very dear friends, I found a way to survive. I guess you could say they helped me make lemonade out of life’s lemons.

I enjoy hiking. In fact, I could spend hours on Georgia trails breathing in the beauty of nature. How-evah, hikes are not complete without the companionship of my husband Mike and our two Cocker Spaniel dogs, Oskar Myer and Gracie Grace. Add in our son, daughter-in-love, and two wonderful grand-dogs, and well, with the exception of a cold glass of lemonade to wet your whistle, life just couldn’t get any better.

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  1. I love you Mom

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