Front Porch Lemonade

Over Memorial Day weekend, Chris and Tiffany participated in one of their friend’s wedding so Mike and I had the pleasure of having our grand-dogs spend the weekend with us.

In our house we had four dogs. Needless to say I stayed busy as well as laughed almost the entire time. It was so much fun to watch these dogs enjoy life as well as the beautiful weather. I also learned from them. Each dog had their own personality and showed their emotions not only on their face but through their body language as well. They also individually chose whether to do their own thing or play together as a group. But with all of these personalities running and playing and working not once did they growl or snap at one another. Silently it was understood amongst them the pecking order.

Oskar (Cocker Spaniel) might be small but he was in charge. He made that clear from the get go and the other dogs never challenged him. He indeed was the leader of the pack in the fact that if he barked and took off running through the back yard all of the others followed suit. But if one of the others barked and he didn’t feel there needed to be any barking done he simply walked up to that dog and gave them a certain look where silence followed.

Romeo (Australian Shepherd mix) meandered through the back yard only barking and running if Oskar gave the order to. Otherwise he did his own thing, finding shade and digging himself a hole to lie in and feel the coolness of the earth on his belly.

Gracie (Cocker Spaniel) is best described as a diva dog. She would run outside onto the back deck when the others followed Oskar through the back yard but getting her paws dirty was something she could not be bothered with. She instead chose to stay inside in the comfort of her crate, venturing out occasionally to the back deck to let us all know she was bored and we should come inside to give her a treat of some kind.

Wynona or Winnie or Pooh Bear – she answers to any of them (Boxer) is the youngest. She kept me on my toes constantly needing to be in the middle of everything. Her energy was boundless and her way of looking at things was out and out hilarious. She loves to chase shadows, bugs, whether crawling or flying and anything else that might look like it would be fun to chase. She would run from the outside to the inside grab a squeaky stuffed toy in her mouth and bolt around the living room and kitchen a couple of times the toy squeaking with each step she took, then she would drop the toy, leaving it to lie in the middle of the floor and bolt back outside for another fun adventure.

Watching each of these dogs and their individual personalities I learned the following:
•Size isn’t important. With self-confidence comes authority.
•Life isn’t always about the rat race. Sometimes you just need to stroll around and then find a cool shady spot to rest your weary bones.
•Just because everyone else is following someone doesn’t mean you can’t beat to your own drum. There is nothing wrong with curling up on a soft pillow in the comfort of your own bed.
•It is okay to search for adventures. Chasing dreams is fun but if you don’t catch one that doesn’t mean another won’t come along soon. You don’t always need a reason to simply play. Sometimes the fun is just in the sound of the squeaky toy.

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  1. Enjoyed the pearly words of wisdom – dogs are IT. Thanks for your Twitter follow, I will follow you here if that’s OK with you! Glad you enjoyed your PTC day – we aim to please….

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