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Heading North

To say I am directionally challenged would not be a true statement. For I can follow directions and if I drive to a location once, I can almost always find my way back there again. I think the correct term would be compass challenged. I don’t know why but I can’t distinguish north from south, east or west. I am not sure when this thought came into my head but the direction that I am facing (notice I said “I”) is always North. Needless to say when my children were little and we set out to drive to an unfamiliar location, I got us lost, on more than one occasion. We always ended up reaching our point of destination but it took a bit longer than anticipated. So, when my children asked for the umpteenth time, “Where exactly are we, Mom?” I would simply reply, “We’re on another adventure.” They would then sit back in their seats with a loud, “OH,” because they knew we were once again off course.
Such has been the case with my life’s journey. In 2001, I was a full time wife, mom and student. I was on a road to earn a degree in Early Childhood Education. Then, our oldest child was killed in a car accident. Suddenly my road veered very off course and I wandered around for years heading in this direction only to be redirected down another road. I wrote a Southern fiction manuscript, but put it on hold when I went to work as a manager for a showroom at AmericasMart in Atlanta, GA. After the showroom closed I did the administrative work for a consulting company.
It wasn’t until January 2012, that the first rough draft of my manuscript came back into play. I received an email announcing an upcoming writing workshop. Intrigued and feeling led to attend, I did. Once again my path changed direction. In October of 2012, my days and hours were cut at the consulting company so much that I decided for my own sanity’s sake to quit the company. I never once imagined that I would end up here or that within a short period of time my first book will be published. For the first time in a very long time I feel as if I am heading in the right direction.
I now realize the story that was inside of me and needed to be written was the path that God wanted me to take all along. He knew I would eventually find my destination but I had to drive up and down the roads of grief until I reached a place in my life with gratitude and thanksgiving. Looking back I can see that now. He felt that I needed to go on another adventure. Or was I heading north the entire time?

Comments on: "Heading North" (4)

  1. Heading north is ALWAYS a good thing. Next title: Heading North: Even When I’m Not.

  2. Sherrie said:

    I’m SO proud of you JUDI WOMAN!!!! Wishing you much success with this book and (I’m sure) the many more that will follow! You deserve the very best life has to offer! Big Hugs!

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